quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

O demônio é um anjo.

O fato é que desde sempre a podridão ronda as entranhas do Vaticano e de lá se irradia para todas as igrejas, mesquitas, sinagogas, templos e terreiros do mundo inteiro. A Historia e Martinho Lutero já sabiam.

O simpático Papa Francisco delatou, para os gorilas golpistas da Argentina, os sacerdotes praticantes da Teologia da Libertação, que se uniram aos heróis da legalidade. O papa colaborou com os covardes ditadores assassinos, que torturaram, mataram e deportaram ativistas em luta pela democracia, por justiça social e pela igualdade entre os homens.

Depois de recuperado o estado democrático de direito na Argentina, o Papa Francisco abandonou o silêncio obsequioso que manteve durante a ditadura, para atacar o governo, protestando contra as medidas de combate ao monopólio rural do agro negócio.  O Papa Francisco defende o rico patronato rural, concentrador de renda, diante dos esforços do governo democrático argentino para livrar o país da desigualdade social, da pobreza e do atraso de uma velha política econômica colonial. Certamente a posição do Papa Francisco tem lhe rendido aplausos e apoio do sistema financeiro internacional, que controla as grandes e pequenas economias capitalistas globais.

A igreja católica teve com João 23 e João Paulo Primeiro duas chances claras de banir a sua sujeira, mas escolheu continuar na lama. Nunca mais haverá papas como eles, nem sacerdotes como D. Helder Câmara, D. Paulo Evaristo Arns, D. Pedro Casaldáliga, padre Renzo e outros dessa estirpe, atirados à masmorra, à vala comum, ou ao esquecimento, porque fizeram a opção preferencial pelos pobres. E porque o fizeram pra valer.

A missão do novo papa não é investigar e combater, mas abafar os escândalos financeiros do banco Ambrosiano e o sexo repugnante, em todos os escalões de sua igreja. A CIA recomenda ao novo Papa que a densa cortina de fumaça sobre a corrupção da igreja seja costurada com discursos populistas e enfeitadas com imagens de simplicidade e declarações de amor aos pobres. 

O demônio é um anjo sem asas. Ele não tem chifres, nem rabo, nem pé de bode. Como todo anjo, o diabo tem um sorriso e uma simpatia cativantes.

sábado, 2 de março de 2013

The depraved monkey

I remember my dear late uncle Rubem Cerqueira Lima, Doctor and General in the relatively glorious Brazilian Army, already retired and promenading in his bright pajamas through the dark rooms of that old mansion in the neighborhood of Canelas. Uncle Rubem collected stamps and kept birds that messed up their cages, freed pigeons that shat in our heads, ferocious dogs and a she-monkey chained to her one door and two-windowed wooden house, perched on top of a powerful phallus, a straight and rounded trunk planted smack below the belly button of that backyard.  The monkey’s house reminded us of the cuckoo clock hanging on the dining room wall, chirping the half and the full hours.
Uncle Rubem and his small zoo taught me much of what I use now to be happy in my journey.
But it was precisely from my General uncle’s more than divine she-monkey that I got my best lessons – especially the lessons of keen observation, of clear and firm expression in the practice of freedom of expression for the common good – even when prudence indicated it was safest to keep the noble silence.  Only Raulzito * and I got to observe the supreme gift of that quasi-divine she-monkey.

The monkey maintained a permanent expression of nausea, disgust, revolt and a sardonic smile that deepened when she gazed at us and reached a pinnacle when she stared at the high society ladies, those who specialized in the usage, exploitation and incarceration of their animals, salaried or not, so they themselves could live better and acquire more.

In or out of limelight, not even a famed Sarah Bernhardt, a Cacilda Becker, a Cleyde Yaconis or a Fernanda Montenegro would be capable of re-enacting that monkey’s expression.

Yet when confronted with the monkey what traumatized and unbalanced the bourgeoisie was not her inimitable facial expression but her skilled hands in an incessant drumming of her engorged genitalia, in apocalyptic and non ending masturbation – as if she was telling everyone  “Hey, your idiots, you may have chained me, enslaved me, you may have prevented me from having a companion, but I still climax, I still come, deliriously I come, one orgasm after the next, while wrapped in lies your orgasm is null, rare, dirty and meager”.

How many times did I hear the pathetic cry of refined ladies imploring their husbands not to allow the bad monkeys’ example to corrupt the pristine visuals of their off spring.

Today I witness the patron media, adept at worship of neo liberal apartheid turn this Cuban blogger into a goddess, into an admirer of the Brazilian capitalist “democracy”. And I also feel the perverse veil of forgetfulness explode in a burning meteor to reveal my uncle’s she-monkey.

Before this blogger ever existed Cuba, dominated by Washington was a nation of suffering people, exploited, tortured by enormous economic and social inequality that did not even allow the satisfaction of basic needs of food, education, medical assistance and housing. An inequality that maintained the majority of adults and Cuban children in misery and extreme poverty, in the midst of corruption, of safeguards for the rich, of drug traffic and prostitution – a reality that continues to dominate Latin American “democracies” elsewhere in the continent and worldwide.

This depressing reality changed radically with the triumph of the socialist revolution of 1959 and despite the backlash caused by the notorious economic blockade and of every imaginable official “terrorism” imposed by the great capitalist “democracy” – a blockade created in vindication for the nationalization of American companies, the end of corruption, of drug traffic, prostitution and games, all highly lucrative foreign businesses – despite the backlash the socialist bolivarian republic of Cuba presents one of the best quality of life and human development indexes in the Americas and can ensure free of charge to all its population, without exclusion or discrimination, one of the 15 best educational systems in the planet, with no illiteracy, with the highest level scientists and technicians, medical and pharmaceutical assistance that is a worldwide point of reference,  social security for its citizenry, good quality nutrition, employment, housing, social peace and sovereignty created by the union and solidarity among peasants, students and Cuban workers.

And speaking of the state induced terrorism suffered by Cuba, it is enough to remember some of forgotten ones: the invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1971; many terrorist attacks by the American government on Cuban offices overseas in 1974; the murder of the Cuban ambassador in Mexico in a CIA terrorist plot that blew up the ambassador’s car in 1975; a bomb attack against the Cuban diplomatic mission at the United Nations in 1978; a bombing attempt against Cuban artists at a Lincoln Center event in New York City, also in 1978; the CIA develops a bacteria to destroy Cuban tobacco plantations in 1979;  the CIA introduces a dengue epidemic to the Island that infects more than 144 thousand people, kills 158 Cubans, the majority children, in 1981; the Granada invasion by North American troops that kills hundreds of Cuban workers busy in the construction of an airport.

Meanwhile, or after it all and after 911, firefighters and civilian veterans plagued by respiratory diseases from the Twin Tower explosions and dust, disenchanted and helpless are left to their own devices, destined to die in poverty as they did not have the money to pay for the exorbitant medical treatment offered by the North American “democracy”. Movie director Michael Moore then takes them to Cuba where they receive free medical treatment and return healed, bringing back the solidarity of a brotherly people and medicines that cost 1% of what is charged for the same product in the United States and in the capitalist world.

Four decades of the economic blockade did not shake the Cuban people’s heroic will nor did it stop the country in the achievement of great collective material progress and one of the more advanced quality of life development indexes.  The dramatic consequences of a stupid capitalist blockade to the Island that included the rationing of medicine, food, oil, gasoline and other essential goods were surpassed by solidarity and in the strengthening of the union between a strong and honest government and peasants, students and workers.  

I imagine how devastating would be the suffering of people if confronted for such a long time by a situation of such gravity in a capitalist “democracy”, with its corrupt government officials, politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen always eager for more profit.

In the few times when a socialist revolution is victorious in a capitalist country, the ill-fated bourgeoisie runs away to Miami and the well-born rich flee to Paris.

Those who stayed in Cuba and who do not share in solidarity, who do not think about the common good, corrupted by personal gain virus, who want to have more than others, those instigate against the regime and do not fight the blockade.

By virtue of a simple humanitarian issue, all of us, Cuban and non Cubans must fight for the end of this absurd, un-humane and murderous economic blockade to Cuba.

While the Cuban blogger conspires against her country’s regime here in Brasil, uncle Rubem’s she-monkey looks at her and smiles.

Author: Luiz Eladio Humbert, 2013

Translation by Erica Weick

** Translator’s Note - The author refers to Raul Seixas, later famous as a rock star and who then lived next door to Uncle Rubem.